Integrated Product Design

   also known as

Design for Manufacture

Design for Manufacturability

or abbreviated: DFM

Quality is performance with respect to:

  • Product Specifications

  • Cost Specifications

  • Time to Manufacture Specifications


Integrated Product Design asks questions like this...

Then Integrated Product Design asks questions:

...for Design for Manufacture

  •  Can your manufacturing technology build the product?

  •  Does the product design create processing difficulties? 

  •  Can the design be manufactured so that the tolerances perform well statistically?

...for Design for Measurability

  •  Can you measure the product? Can you measure it in-process?

  •  Are the measurements meaningful?

  •  Is the product designed to survive shipping? Is it easily packaged?

...for Design for Assembly

  •  Can the product be inadvertently assembled incorrectly?

  •  Does the force required to assemble it mask defects? Produce them?

How does Integrated Product Design work?

Here's an example, where a plastic injection molded part needed to be replaced due to the change in an adjacent component. 

A very basic Design for Manufacture approach would be to draft the parts, and use the most inexpensive plastic resin which will meet the manufacturing specifications.

The Integrated Product Design approach was a little more involved, and much more constructive:

  • In the redesign, integrated 2 plastic parts into another part.

  • In the redesign, created features which replaced 3 instances of time-consuming plastic insulating tape
    placement in the assembly.

  • The reduced parts simplified the installation of the plastic part which had to be replaced.

  • Since the replaced part required a new injection mold tool, Integrated Product Design used that opportunity
    to redesign to eliminated 5 failure modes from the part.

  • All of this simplification shortened the assembly time and labor, and actually remove an entire page of
    assembly instructions in 10 pt tightly-packed paragraphs.


So what is the COST of Integrated Product Design?

Time. I had to ask management for a couple of additional weeks to do all of this. I told management that, if they could give me the time, I could save the company money. 


What were the results?

Doing all of the above bullet points, I reduced $38,000/yr in part cost reductions, even though I had to use a more expensive plastic resin, plus another $21,000/yr in assembly labor. And that was on an implantable pacemaker-like assembly, and a low-volume production part at that. The summary is on my site here.


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