Money saved by Design for Manufacture on this low-volume product:
59,000 in one year!

Integrated Product Design reduced cost on this relatively low-volume product, saving
$59,000 in one year!


Cost Reduction

1 • Problem  -  Updated electronic components would create internal short 
      circuits, shortening the life of an implantable electrical device.

2 • Additional Latent Problem  -  The existing assembly design created a 
     very inefficient assembly scenario.  There were 2 products affected, each
     with projected lives of 2.5 and 4 years, respectively.

3 • Action
      a. Changed design to isolate conductive parts.
            • Redesigned primary injection molded internal bracket to 
isolate the
               electronic components.

      b. Opportunistic design changes, with low design time impact,
            • Eliminated 2 plastic components
            • Eliminated 3 applications of insulation, also reducing fit-up problems
            • Eliminated the handling and assembly of these parts
            • Eliminated 5 design failure modes
            • Eliminated an entire page of work instructions

4 • Result
      a.  Original problem resolved; electrical components isolated and insulated.
      b.  $38K part cost savings from redesigned plastic part, plus another $21K in assembly labor.

NOTE: Illustrations are from public internet sites, including http://www.ans-medical .com/medicalprofessional/physician/ansipgsystems.cfm.