The main product (the box) was already there. But it was ugly and old-looking, with tubes and wires hanging down everywhere.

Management wanted a neater, smarter look...

Cosmetic Part Design,
Injection Molded Part Design

A Cosmetic Injection Molded Bracket for Prosthetic Limb Performance Enhancement

The old version of this very capable device was held to the prosthetic leg with two thin zip ties.  

1 • Prototyped the original concept for trade show.

2 • Worked collaboratively with the client product development team to
     develop feature requirements and concepts.

3 • Created SolidWorks models, assuring Design for Assembly and
      Design for Manufacturability.

4 • The new bracket: 
      • S
treamlined and attractive (below right). 
      • Replaced the Zip Ties previously used to anchor the device (below left).
      • Provided a great location for the control buttons.
      • Neatly stored about 1.5 feet of control cable.
      • Was exceptionally strong.
      • Looked very good; a real improvement in appearance.

Before   After 
Before the new bracket, the device (rectangular box) was held in place with nylon zip ties.  
The new bracket replaced the old, utilitarian zip ties with a streamlined mounting which also managed electrical wiring, and mounted the existing 2-button control. 

NOTE: Images are from public internet sites.